• This freestyle binding is one of the best on the market, solid but light thanks to the tooless Light Saber baseplate and magnesium MG12 buckles.
    The lower profile Lil strap made from injected TPU over a nylon frame guarantees a direct and fluid response when changing from one edge to another while it’s slightly lower profile to the Grandmaster strap means your ankle is free to tweak as as deep as your tendons and ligaments will let you. The Spade hiback is designed to flex laterally with relative ease while retaining rigid response over the longitude of the hiback.
    "feather light bindings with the comfiest straps around" - Jake Simpson
    WATCH THIS PRODUCT IN ACTION https://youtu.be/Dnl6mXeoMmY

Reload - Drake

  • A dominant, precise machine able to blast and smash everything in its way, 100% freestyle focused!! The Reload binding rips through the park with the perfect combination of form and function. Light Frame highback, Delta light baseplate and smooth crank MG12 buckles always provide supreme performance. The Hyperlight are ergonomically shaped for a solid foot hold, providing even pressure over the foot for those riders that like to crank it down. Improve your riding with our Natural Cant interface that assure comfort, control and power transmission.

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